High Visible 360 Degree Tempered Reflective Glass Road Stud

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  • Color: All color are avaliable
  • Weight: 500±20g
  • Weight Capacity: 40 tons above
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    Enhance the reflection of road marking lines during the raining night since the tiny glass beads in the thermoplastic are non-reflective in the rainy water.
    Guiding traffic in the freeways or winding curves at night in addition to the road marking lines,and providing safer visual environment. The tiny glass beads in the thermoplastic fall off easily; thus the reflection of road marking lines declines extensively. The bumping action will alert motorists when they change lanes
    Solid glass road studs work by retro reflection. The incoming light is bounced back by a retro reflector in the exact same direction from which it came, for 360 degrees. This is important in traffic, as the reflector reflects the light of vehicles from every angle back to the road users, which guides or alarms them in various traffic situations.


    Product Tempered Glass Road Stud
    Size 50mm
    Diameter 100mm
    Material Original Color Tempered glass
    Appearance Round or Flat on the top
    Weight 500±20 g
    Weight Capacity 40 tons above
    Color All color are avaliable
    Packaging Packed in carton firstly,and 24pcs/ctn
    Application Highway


    Solid glass road studs are suitable for urban as well as rural areas. They are widely used within the infrastructure sector, yet they are also highly suitable for architectural or decorative applications. Obviously, both purposes can also be achieved in one application.

    Solid glass road studs are installed within the road surface for guidance, warning and traffic control. They are not only clearly visible in twilight and darkness, but they also ensure better visibility for the road user during the day. Especially with backlight from the sun and/or in heavy rain, solid glass road studs are more visible than road markings, and this increases traffic safety significantly. Examples of applications are turbo roundabouts, dangerous curves, driveways or highways, public squares and parking lots. See the images below for an overview of other applications.


    1. No blind spot in any curve.
    2.High degree of surface hardness and slip-proof surface; the reflection can last extremely long.
    3.High strength and long durability.
    4.The protruding part is 100% reflective.
    5.Smooth surface and not easy to accumulate dust, which needs no cleaning and maintenance.
    6.Fully automatic production with machinery.
    7.The lifetime is 15 times longer than traditional plastic pavement marker.
    8.5 years guarantee is provided for freeways worldwide (the breaking rate is less than 5%).

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